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Valsynthese offers to the customers a wide range of solutions from chemical process development to industrial production.
The service contains process validation, stability testing and preparation of documents required for the registration.

Together with our customers and stack holders we strive to adapt the technologies in a manner allowing us to ensure a reliable, cost effective and sustainable supply.

An open and transparent communication with the customer during the process development is a basic principle in our project management. We help to develop your ideas from laboratory scale to full scale production. Needless to say, confidentiality is guaranteed. Skilled personnel and well equipped laboratories and a GMP pilot plant are available to help meeting your requirements. The performed high energetic reactions require intensive evaluation of the calorimetric data. The relevant tests e.g. RC1, DSC and others are done in-house. Our range of expertise includes industries such as Pharma, Fragrance & Flavours, Agro and Performance Materials (e.g. displays industries).