Philosophy and Values

Our philosophy

success beyond technology

From lab procedure to ton scale manufacturing, the project management approach is always success beyond technology. 

Valsynthese‚Äôs mission is to bring Swiss high-quality services to our worldwide network. 

Our modus operandi involves our customers throughout the process, from development to scale-up, in constant cooperation. Beginning with tailor made and accurate propositions for specific projects, Valsynthese applies a custom-fit project management approach. 

Valsynthese continues to focus its strategy to be the partner of choice for high complex intermediates which require a special knowledge in the field of hazardous chemistry. 

We are convinced that innovation and strategic decisions have to go toward an environmentally and economically sustainable future to be really effective. 

To reach this goal at Valsynthese we are committed to Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) to protect people, our communities, the environment and the company.

Our main values


Our unique culture and values are based on:

Entrepreneural culture

We encourage resilience, adaptability

and a mindset of continuous learning

to create opportunities and new services and products. 


We foster a culture of innovation, 

where bold ideas are nurtured, refined, 

and brought to fruition through collaboration,


Quick Decision Process

We prioritize a streamlined decision-making process

within our organization, empowering us to swiftly respond

to opportunities and challenges.


We embody passion as the driving force 

behind everything we do, igniting our 

determination to exceed expectations.


We work together to achieve our goals,

respecting the strengths and weaknesses of everyone, 

and sharing the successes and challenges with each other.

Value-Added Services

We pride ourselves on delivering value-added services

that go beyond expectations, enriching the experiences

of our clients and partners.


We prioritize safety above all else, 

safeguarding the well-being of our employees

and stakeholders as our foremost commitment.