State of the art equipment

Valsynthese’s laboratories offer a diverse and complete set of state-of-the-art equipment. We believe that process development can only be successful if it is done as close as possible to the eventual large scale production. Double jacket glass reactors, hot/ cold regulated thermostats and overhead mechanical stirring are thus standard.


40 years of experience

Safety is a major concern when dealing with hazardous chemistry. Valsynthese’s development team, consisting of experienced PhD Chemists and highly trained laboratory technicians, looks back to 40 years of experience handling thermal, toxic and corrosive hazards. It is important to note that Valsynthese measures most safety relevant data in-house: impact & friction sensitivity, DSC, RC1, AKTS modeling.

Phosgene laboratory

large scale concept

In order to perform phosgenation, special precautions need to be implemented. Valsynthese offers therefore a dedicated phosgene laboratory having following features: completely insulated, dedicated containment featuring under-pressure, two independent scrubbers, four independent phosgene sensors and a state-of-the-art double jacket glass reactor with overhead stirring.