Quality control

Competent quality control

30 years long

A reliable and competent quality control is as important as a robust manufacturing process. Valsynthese offers a one-stop CMO experience to customers with highest standards. This includes analytical proficiency from the start to the end: Method development, process development support, method validation, IPC measurement, release measurement with certificate.


Methods like HPLC-UV/MS, GC-FID/MS, ion chromatography, IR, UV-Vis and all common wet-chemical techniques are commonly employed. In case that other analyses are requested, Valsynthese partners with certified analytical laboratories.


For API manufacturing under cGMP, Valsynthese offers a fully qualified quality control facility with highly trained analytical experts and technicians. To complete the service, stability studies and stress tests are performed in-house (according to ICH).


Thanks to 30 years long experience in handling hazardous chemistry, the quality control staff can handle samples of high toxicity as well as explosives.